back to homeschool

Posted on: 8/28/15

The school year is starting up again which means freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks and little ones with their backpacks marching off to preschool for the very first time. I always got the first day of school jitters when I was growing up, how about you? I've never really been a morning person, so while it's kind of fun to partake in getting new supplies for the year, I'm quite happy to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with my kids and just skip the whole first day of school thing. We typically pick up new homeschooling supplies and curriculum twice a year, depending on what we need for the semester. And since the kids' other classes don't start up until the middle of September, we're usually officially starting our homeschooling a little after everyone else goes back to school. Here are some of my favorite finds for this year!

1. I love these simple monthly planners! This year, I got one for each child so they can practice using a calendar and keeping their own schedules.
2. Even though we homeschool, we are often out and about and need to bring lunches or books with us. Each of our kids has one of these adorable back packs and they love carrying their own things!
3. These old fashioned pencil grips are my favorite. They have all these ergonomic ones now that are just too big for my little ones to hold. 
4. Natural wooden pencils. We can never have enough!
5. Colorful washi tape for all their art. 
6. A cool pencil case
7. An old school clock, perfect for the school room!
8. Goodbyn water bottles for when we're out and about.
9. Our favorite lunch boxes.
10. A globe for the little explorers.
11. Plain notebooks for daily journaling or drawing.

a picnic at the beach

Posted on: 8/25/15

We always do a lot of picnics during the summer, but more often than not, they're spontaneous. Where we're out and about and decide to meet up with Kenji after work and head to the park for dinner, or if it's hot out we can go for an evening swim. I love these nights! (well until you come home and have to bathe five sandy kids at bedtime... uh thats still a challenge. we need more than one bath!) Depending on where we are going, I will swing by one of our favorite stores and pick up some food, which makes dinner super easy. Tonight we stopped at Target and when you have five kiddos in their suits ready to hit the beach, it makes it pretty easy to get in and out with your picnic food without even walking down the throw pillow aisle. I picked up some pretzel slider buns and organic sliced rotisserie chicken to make sandwiches, along with some veggies and snacks. And iced coffee. Sometimes I will get their Gold Peak iced green tea or Cameleon cold brew coffee which is super good too! And then we hit the beach. The kids swam until sunset and Eleanor tried to eat fistfuls of sand, so I think it counts as a successful summer evening!

 △ some of my go-to picnic finds at Target: veggie or fruit trays, cheese, crackers like Annie's bunnies, dried fruit or trail mix (we love the Market Pantry peanut butter trail mix!), Kind bars, applesauce pouches for the little ones, bottled water and Starbucks coffee. Sometimes I will get the kids the Honest juice pouches or a Boathouse Farms strawberry banana smoothie too.

△ this little girl, I can't even take how brave she is! the way she just charges ahead!

Eleanor turns one

Posted on: 8/20/15

Our littlest babe turned one today and to be honest, I'm still kind of in denial about it. Where on earth did the last year go?! We all just really adore having this baby in our lives and now here she is, with her three little teeth, running and climbing and pushing big kids out of her way and practically eating as much as a three year old at every meal. It's crazy! It sounds cliche, but they really do grow up so fast. Of course, I'm sure there is some significance to having older siblings around all the time, that just makes her just want to grow up even faster, but still. It breaks my heart a little. I told Kenji that I don't recall any of our babies being as excited as Eleanor was on her first birthday. And I'm certain it was because there were four bigger kids who were bouncing off the walls with happiness for her. She was dancing and clapping and beaming the entire day because of them. With their singing and jumping out with balloons and all the group hugs, I mean, you could not get a more loved on baby. 

I think the funniest thing about Eleanor is that she is basically this super clean, polite baby. She was walking back and forth giving her birthday presents to everyone else for a good hour before she finally started to open them. And she didn't even touch her cake until we gave her a fork and then she only wanted to feed her papa! I love it. 

Happy birthday baby Ellie! We love you so much!!


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