ten things about me

Posted on: 11/19/15

I realize that even though I've been writing in this space for almost nine years (nine years!) I don't often write much about myself. I suppose that's a sign of being terribly introverted, which I am, but I also tend to consider myself a bit of a social introvert, as I'm not crazy about being alone either. I'm not sure if that's even really a category?! But let's pretend it is. So today I will share with you, ten random things about myself:

1. I'm an extremely organized person. If I don't stay organized, I just can't function very well.

2. My favorite dinner is vegan Thai food.

3. Coffee is the way to my heart. But anyone who knows me probably already knows that.

4. Followed very closely by shoes. Amazing shoes are also the way to my heart. 

5. I was a film student and am a huge movie buff. Some of my favorite memories are after we got married, Kenji would find all these foreign films and cult classics and we'd stay up all night watching them projected on our living room wall. 

6. I love playing volleyball.

7. I'm super eco-conscious and put a lot of effort into raising my family in a small ecological footprint. I'm pretty sure Kenji considers me a hippie.

8. I would love to go to Tahiti. 

9. I pray the rosary several times a day. And always at least once when on an airplane.

10. I'm a bit of an eternal optimist. I always tend to focus on the positives in life, because that's just the way I see things. It doesn't mean there aren't hard things too, but I think perspective is everything. 

firmoo glasses

Posted on: 11/18/15

Kenji was in the market for new glasses recently so I was really excited to partner with Firmoo optical to try out some new glasses for him! He tends to opt for glasses over contacts lately and I have to say, I kinda like the look on him. I may have gotten in trouble for calling it the nerdy look, but seriously, I meant it in the nicest possible way. It's like when you're smart and then your glasses make you look even smarter? That's a good look. And between teaching science, and computer programming, and reading a million stories to the kids every night, it's important for him to have glasses that are comfortable enough to wear all day. Firmoo.com has a fantastic selection of lightweight frames and they use anti-UV lenses, which is important for protecting our eyes. If you're in the market for new glasses, you can check out their latest styles here, plus Firmoo is offering new customers 15% off your first pair! 

Thank you Firmoo! We will definitely be back for more glasses in the future!

This post is brought to you by Firmoo.com. Thank you for supporting the companies we love!


Posted on: 11/16/15

Sunday is the kids' favorite day of the week. It's really the only day that all seven of us are together all day, and we just love that time! We go to mass, go out for coffee, maybe play at the park or boat pond, go to the museum. And as hard as it is for me (since I'm always trying to get something done) we try really hard not to work on Sundays and just enjoy the day together instead. I think it's so important to remember to take time off and enjoy the people we live with, don't you? And let's talk about little Eleanor for a second. She is just on the move everywhere we go! Running all over the place and doesn't stop until we pick her up! She is so fun these days! Here are a few little scenes from our Sunday afternoon.


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