Naomi at 18 months

It's hard to believe it's already been a year and a half since our sweet Naomi was born! Some days I still wake up and can't believe there are two of these adorable little ones in our bed, we love them so much (also somehow Fluffy always seems to squirm her way into the co sleeping arrangement which is hilarious). But our little girl is definitely growing up!

Everyday she's learning something new...her newest words are zebra, amen, onion, and garlic (can you tell Kenji points out all the veggies at the market? ha) And new things like how to jump, wash her hands by herself, climb up stairs! And of course, she's a super big helper with her baby brother too. She loves to help change his diapers, plays with him, and kisses him goodnight. She even brings him all her toys. She is such a sweet girl and we have so much fun with her!

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