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*update: find the tutorial for recovering a glider chair here!*

I finally got around to recovering this dutailier glider I found at a consignment shop, I'm in love with the new chair!! I wanted something more modern (ok, anything but denim! really, why do they make denim furnture?) But the really great thing is that all the cushion covers are removable which is so important when you have 2 little ones under foot! It seemed like a bit of a daunting project at first, but once I got into it went pretty fast. 

I took each piece of the cushion and created a pattern for it, cut the fabric and made removable covers. Once the covers were on I measured for the snap holes, this was by far the hardest part and I had a few trial and errors...fortunately the snaps are all the underside of the cushions! Naomi and I made a matching throw pillow to finish it off!


  1. Julie WestonMarch 01, 2009

    wow - seriously hip and I love it! Nice job Jen. When can I put my order in?

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Julie! It's sooo nice to have it done!

  3. Dang it looks so good!! Naomi really did a great job on those pillows! xo

  4. Hi there, you did such a great job.

    I'm looking to do the same thing but upholstery fabric is so expensive (like $40/metre and I need 3 m). It looks like you used some type of woven cotton.... is that right?? Where did you get it?

    Thanks so much,

  5. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    You did an amazing job on recovering your glider! I have that exact same glider in the chambray blue and want to recover it to go in a girls room before our newest addition arrives. I have no idea how to do it but you have inspired me! Do you happen to remember how many yards of fabric were needed to recover it? I appreciate any insight you can give me!! Thanks a bunch!

  6. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010


    Saw this on ohdeedo and I know it was an older post but I'm hoping I can still pick your brain about it! I have the same glider and want to recover it but have absolutely no sewing skills (am determined to learn, however)! Can you please tell me how you made the pattern? Wonderful job on both chairs!! I am so impressed!


  7. hello! LOVE LOVE LOVE! ditto carrie's comment: i have a glider that needs recovering so i'd love to know what kind of fabric to use, HOW MUCH you needed, and HOW you made the cover if poss. thanks!

  8. great job, jen! you've inspired me also to purchase a gently used dutailier. i didn't see the answer posted, and am also wondering how many yards of fabric were used and is it cotton?


  9. I would love to know what was the amount of fabric (yardS) that were used. Thanks!

  10. Awesome! I bought my glider off Craigslist for $45 and recovered it myself. I linked back to yours too!


  11. Very inspiring. How much fabric is needed to recover the glider cushions? Also, did you replace the actual cushions themselves?


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