akemi is one!

Akemi turned one on Saturday, my how the last 12 months have flown by! I can't believe our little baby is growing up so fast. She really is a delightful little girl and is always smiling and waving at everyone. She just thrives on the excitement of living with the two older kids... on any occasion when the big kids are gone, she spends a large amount of time looking for them and screams she's so happy when they come home!

We had a pizza movie night on her birthday and watched The Red Balloon. The kids just loved it, even Akemi! And to make her birthday really special, she learned a new word: she points to her head anytime someone says "head", it's adorable! Especially because we'll be talking and say something like "Henry is ahead..." and she'll grab her head with both hands looking at us smiling. She is just the cutest thing. And to think just a year ago we were cozied up in our hospital room overlooking the city and basking in that sweet new baby warmth... time does go by so fast!

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  1. omg that picture of newborn akemi is the sweetest thing! happy birthday akemi!


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