our girl is five

It was a rainy Wednesday not unlike many others around here, only today, was special. Our sweet  Naomi turned 5 years old! I find myself thinking it can't possibly be 5 years since she was born, since I've become a mother, but it has! How those years have flown by.

Because she's having a double birthday party with her little sister this year, today was spent just us, celebrating our oldest girl. We started the day by heading out for her favorite pancake breakfast and of course I had to make her a beautiful crown to wear on her special day... I really loved this one and tried to make one with the same look, it's so sweet! She loved running around in it all day. Of course, Henry wears his frog hat everywhere, so they were quite the cute pair. It seems like just yesterday they were both little toddlers and she was whispering to him at the playground " Henry if you see a rough baby come and get me" ha ha ha Always looking out for her baby bro. 

Happy birthday Naomi! We love you so much!

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