painting and cookies

The weeks are flying by right now. It always seems to be that way in my 9th month... but then I will get to the week I'm due and suddenly the days will go by soooo slowly. especially because all our babies have been late. I'm just planning on this little one being late too so I don't get all anxious waiting for her. At least a week overdue, that's what I'm telling everyone. Remember, I was pregnant with Henry for 9 1/2 months! Argh! Let's not do that again. 

But of course they're so worth it once they arrive!

Today was low key... I like that. Not a lot of running around. We worked on art projects. homeschooling. had an afternoon cookie break at the coffee shop and did our reading (I love the schedule that homeschooling allows us. otherwise, honestly, with Kenji's schedule right now we would not get a lot of family time together).

Naomi made a height chart on the chalkboard and measured all of the kids... if you look closely you can spot the N and H and A written where all the kids measured. So cute!

(she had some cute animals drawn too, but Akemi took over with her scribbling)

I'm so grateful for the sunshine we've been having lately. It's like a breath of fresh air! There's not a huge amount of stuff I can do while on bedrest so being able to sit with the kids while they do their homework with the sun streaming in the windows... it's so nice.

And I'm reminded how blessed I am to be able to be with them, everyday. 

I love watching them grow up. hearing all about their ideas (and sometimes I do mean all about...for hours). Yes, the days are packed and noisy, but they're wonderful too. This is just the busy, noisy phase in our lives...it might be like that for 20 years, but someday it won't be. So I want to remember it. All the craziness, the dancing, the spills, the chalk art all over the door (because someone got chalkboard and door confused...does this happen in your house?).

Those are our mondays!

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  1. Not much longer now Jen! Praying for you guys!


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