rock gardens

This time of the year we're always itching a bit to get outside more... if it's above 50 degrees and not raining, I'll take it! The kids absolutely love gardening and I think it's great for them to experience watching things grow. Because we're in a temporary home I needed to keep our gardening simple this year and stick to pots, so I thought little rock gardens would be perfect.

We cleaned out some old pots and topped them off with fresh soil, then the kids planted some Scottish Moss (this stuff is supposed to be really "hearty" which is perfect for us and my lack of green thumb. ha).

Then they added the rocks we've collected and set out in the yard to find all sorts of nature things to decorate their gardens with... Henry is hoping some nice bugs will call it home someday!

This was super fun and the kids love checking on their rock gardens everyday! So far they're just spritzing them with water every few days (since we live in the Pacific NW and it's super soggy this time of the year there is not much need for watering at the moment) but it'll be fun to see how they evolve over summer!

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