akemi's birthday

Our little girl turned 2 today. My how the time has flown with her! She still feels a bit like our baby since she is just so cuddly... and I kind of like it that way. I'm in no hurry for her to grow up. At the same time, I've really enjoyed doing bigger girl things with her lately, letting her help in the kitchen, going shopping, walks in the park, taking funny home movies together. It's just such a fun age!

(you know, when they're not having tantrums and such)

We greeted our birthday girl with a special chocolate eclair birthday breakfast and she got to open her present (new rain boots!) just in time to use them with all this rain we're having. 

oh how she loves her shoes.

The rest of this rainy afternoon will be spent snuggled up with her favorite movies: Totoro and Ponyo. and eating her favorite snack at the moment: rice crackers. Life is good when you're 2!

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  1. she is such a cutie - great shots - love the one of her opening her birthday bag.


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