bird seed feeders

I've been wanting to put together some little bird seed feeders with the kids since we love watching the different kinds of birds visiting the yard. And with the girls' upcoming party, we thought they would make the perfect thank you favors for the guests, so we made a big batch! 

I used this recipe but the only pans I have out of storage are the mini muffin pans so we were kind of limited with shapes and had to make little round ones. They still turned out cute! I wrote out the recipe and let the 3 kids make them start to finish...

Akemi loved pouring in the ingredients... honey, water, flour, bird seed. the bird seed went everywhere.

I love seeing them work together, they're such a sweet little team! 

and I only worried a little about Henry or Akemi eating the bird seed...

I resisted the urge to smooth out the tops of their "bird seed cookies"... sometimes I have to remind my inner perfectionist... this is their project. it will look like kids made it. and that's a good thing :) 

Naomi put straws in them before we let them dry (30 minutes in the deep freezer and then air dry for a day) and then we looped a string through each hole. We can't wait give them out to friends... and hang a couple up and see who visits! I even splurged on the new iBird app so Henry could work on identifying birds, he could spend hours on that thing!

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  1. That is such a great project! Love it! <3


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