birthday party

We had a joint birthday party for our two June girls again this year (Henry is super enthusiastic, can you tell?). We lucked out and got the one sunny day in a very rainy week! I love that we can do outdoor parties for the kids and we tried to keep this one super simple with Kenji grilling up salmon and veggie burgers and lots of easy sides. The girls had a special pink cake request so I set out to make them exactly what they wanted, lo and behold it seemed like everything went wrong... maybe it was the sleep deprivation or trying a new recipe, but it ended badly when half the cake fell off the plate, frosting and all! I was so bummed after all the time I put into it, but if there's anything I've learned with 4 little ones in the house, it's that when something fails, cut your losses and go to plan b (which was sending Kenji to Whole Foods to pick up a cake)! 

The rest of the evening went great and the girls loved their party. We gave out the little bird seed feeders they made (ours has already been devoured by the birds in our yard!) and let everyone pick a photo of the kids which is sort of a tradition we've done ever since Naomi's 1st birthday. It's an easy way for everyone to get a recent picture of the kids!

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