kid lunch

vegetarian "chickn" sandwich on brioche | baked sweet potato fries | avocado | strawberries and orange slices

grilled cheese sandwich | tomato basil soup |baked sweet potato fries | apple slices | grapes

A couple lunches from the past week... Henry's hungry little fingers made it into one of the pics, I love that guy! We use Morningstar Farms vegetarian "chickn" patties for the veggie sandwiches, the kids love them and it's kind of a special treat since we don't have them very often. For the soup, they all eat it at room temperature, so it's easy to just let it cool and then pour it in little tupperwares in their lunchboxes. Tomato basil is Naomi's favorite, but Henry wasn't crazy about it. Never hurts to try though!

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  1. YUMM! I am craving some of that veggie sandwich now!


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