kid lunch

 sliced apple & peanut butter | asadero cheese & white corn quesadillas | blueberries

 avocado | asadero cheese & white corn quesadillas | blueberries
apple & peanut butter | Clif Kids' chocolate chip oat bar | baked sweet potato fries | tofurky & lettuce on wheat bread

a soft lunch for Naomi with 2 loose teeth! organic applesauce | baked sweet potato fries | banana

Akemi lunch: asadero cheese & white corn quesadillas | avocado | blueberries | organic rice & apple puffs

baked sweet potato fries | avocado | blueberries

We love this time of the year when avocados and berries are in abundance... hello super food! Naomi's top two front teeth were ready to come out (she finally lost them both!) so we did a lot of soft foods for her: sweet potato fries, applesauce, avocados, bananas. But really those are some of her favorite foods so it was easy. This was the first week Akemi tried the apples with peanut butter and she looooved them. I think they could each eat an apple a day!

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  1. How great that they eat avocados that way! I have to try that with Ryan.


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