and then the house was a mess...

I would love to say we spent the weekend doing something fabulous and exciting... but that didn't happen. What did happen was us moving every last box out of storage and piling them up everywhere to sort through while also simultaneously refinishing a table and sewing a bunch of stuff.

And bouncing a sweet little baby who is going through a growth spurt and wants to be held 24/7... let me just say, the babyholding is my favorite task. I will let the laundry and dishes go any day for holding a baby.

But then of course, I can't stand a messy house and the laundry piles up so fast with 4 kids that it outgrows the hamper and is taking over the bathroom. So this is a problem too.

I really love this life of having a little family, but I realize I need to take more time to refuel... to relax. Because its hard to keep on top of things otherwise. I've never had a very big personal space bubble, but this thing of having a super attached 2 year old and a new baby who are constantly at my side, it's a lot some days. And I need to get better about taking little breaks (breaks that are not used for catching up on housework or running errands). Funny it took me 4 kids to learn this!?

So this week will be about picking up the pieces and carving out some much needed down time. oh and enjoying the delicious chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies Naomi made for us... totally by herself, for the first time!

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point being a damn fool about it. -W.C. Fields


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