summer day

It's 95 degrees here. I love it. Maybe it would be a bit much for everyday, but I spend all year waiting for the summer and really love it when it heats up. Plus my kids like running around naked and that gives me a little break from laundry so really, it's a win win situation. We spent much of our weekend running around in the yard and playing with water (a kiddie pool with 2 inches of water and a bunch of measuring cups kills hours of time). I may have even managed to get in some reading and an iced coffee!

But on to the important stuff... this week we're doing a little downsizing in terms of stuff. Now compared to other families of six, I think it would be safe to say we own very little, we've always tried to keep our "footprint" pretty small. So as our family grows, the amount of stuff we have doesn't necessarily grow along with it. We have a pretty strict in with the new, out with the old rule. It's taken us a while to sort of fine tune how we do this, but we've got it down pretty good at this point.  

I think toys are the easiest way to get out of control once you have kids... you buy them, other people buy them, eventually you're kids save up and buy them too. If you have a large family, you could be consuming massive amount of toys! and clothes and books and food and energy... the list goes on. Did you know the average person living in the USA consumes 32 times what the average person in a developing country does? That's crazy! And it's one of the reasons we're passionate about making our "big family" exist in a small footprint.

So every once in a while we to do a little inventory... are there any toys they aren't loving or using as much anymore? If so, we hand them down to other little ones who can enjoy them. We always find it's easier to think about what you would save out everything you own, as opposed to what you would get rid of. Things are much clearer this way. The kids may have a hard time thinking of something to say goodbye to, but focusing on picking their favorites and the things they really use every day makes it easy and fun. And in the end we had a nice pile of stuff that no one really plays with anymore all ready to go on to the next loving home. (the picture above was a before shot... Naomi put all the stuffies on the sofa for the lineup.  cute!).

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  - Hans Hofmann


  1. wow!
    1) thanks for stopping by my little corner
    2) what a beautiful blog you have! I enjoyed looking at the drawings on the sidebar! they are amazing!
    3) beautiful family!
    4) great thoughts on this post and downsizing/saving. I look forward to reading more! :)

  2. We did some downsizing ourselves this weekend, mainly with clothes. I can't believe I had 2 donation bags full of clothes my hubby and I weren't wearing. I really need to do the same with my daughter's toys, esp since her bday is in a few weeks and she will be just adding more to the bunch. I've had a hard time getting rid of her stuff though. It usually ends up at my parents house in their playroom so all of my other nieces can play with everything. haha


  3. Hi we do have so much in common glad to be your newest follower! Beautiful family.
    Happy Little Feet.

  4. Hey Lady!! I just came across your cute blog through the mingle and I'm your newest follow! I'd also just love to invite you to check out a fabulous TRIPLE GIVEAWAY I'm having right now!

    Hope to see you there, and thanks you so much!



  5. Hi - Popping in via Naptime... Cute blog and nice photos! ;-}

  6. beautiful photographs, i love your blog :) your family is just so sweet.

  7. I LOVE simplifying, as you put it. Also a big fan of that photo of you and the baby. Congrats on getting rid of stuff. I'm still "training" my husband in that fine art--- and posting about it this week! Thanks for linking up with Monday Mom Musings.

  8. u have an excellent blog, friend. so refreshing to see some good pictures and a clean website!!

    found u thru the mom's monday mingle and now follow through GFC! hope to see you again in the blogosphere!


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