kid lunch

 I have a bunch of kid lunches to post today as I had a few lingering in my camera from last week... they had leftovers a couple times and even picked baked tofu over pizza one day. what? I guess they really are my kids! Their favorite was the starfish sandwich so I think we will be seeing a lot more of that cookie cutter in days to come.

I am generally packing their lunches 5 days a week and like throwing them together when I'm doing dinner to save time. It makes lunches when Kenji is at work super easy where they can grab their lunchboxes and I have leftovers or a salad. Especially with homeschooling, I don't want to take up too much time in the middle of the day to cook. and something about having your lunchbox all packed up with your name on it? they love it!

baked tofu with white corn & baby peas | baked sweet potato fries | diced apple

croissant with sharp cheddar | cut cantaloupe, strawberries, & grapes | baby carrots | broccoli 

peanut butter & honey on wheat with 2 icing eyes | green grapes | panda puffs cereal | strawberries

penne pasta with sun dried tomato sauce | sliced strawberries & green grapes | chocolate chip bunny cookies

whole grain toast with almond butter | baked tofu & baby peas | panda puffs cereal

provolone & avocado on a croissant | orange juice | broccoli, baby carrots, & snap peas with greek yogurt dip

organic apple sauce | snap pea crisps | peanut butter & honey on wheat with icing eye | green grapes | strawberries

penne pasta with sun dried tomato sauce | sliced green grapes & strawberries | rice crackers


  1. Great lunch ideas, thanks! We get Panda puffs cereal too. :) Btw, I love your kids' art on the side of your blog!!

  2. Fun! I wish you would come over and pack my lunches :)

    Thank you so much for joining us at the CHQ Blog Hop this week! We hope you've made some new bloggy friends!

  3. Great ideas, I have such a hard time with my eldest. He will not eat a sandwich, or a wrap. I just have to put heaps of fruit and veggies in his lunch box, hoping he will eat something.

    I also LOVE the artwork on the sidebar. Such a modern take on pinning them on the fridge!
    (Thanks for visiting my blog, new follower of yours also)

  4. I love how you do eyes on your sandwiches !! So cute. I wouldn't want to eat them ! I tried to make animal shaped potatoes but they pailed spectacularly. I never thought about sandwiches !

  5. good ideas! thanks for following me btw!

  6. I love that you pack their lunches the night before when you are cleaning up dinner. Great idea. We homeschool as well, and having to stop in the middle of things to whip up lunch can sometimes be taxing. I am your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by Posed Perfection and leaving me a sweet comment on the Sunny Seed Oatmeal Cookies. I hope you'll visit again soon and maybe even follow me back. Have a great weekend!

  7. Love your kid lunch ideas :)
    Pinned for future use when my babe is born and grows a little. Thanks for sharing!
    Erinn l Fancy Napkin

  8. These lunches are so simple and easy! My favorite. :) Thank you for stopping by my blog too and for the follow!! PS. Your childrens art on the sidebar is just adorable! xo jen

  9. great ideas. can you tell me what brand your lunch trays are or where to buy them? i love the 3 compartments.


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