the little things

It was a long week with sick kids over here. Just as I start to get better the kids all catch my cold...isn't that how it always seems to go? They're starting to get cabin fever pretty bad and honestly, I start to feel a bit crazy and hermit-like myself after being stuck inside with everyone for too long. I've been so out of it I took them to their doctor's appointment on the wrong day which is very unlike me to do! I was discussing it with the receptionist and afterwards turned around to find Henry speaking to about 8 people gathered around the aquarium in the pediatrician's office... he was giving a talk about the different types of fish! so it wasn't a total waste of a trip.

I find it especially important during these tough days to relish in the little moments...

even when I'm tired from being up all night with sick little ones

and the house is a mess and my lingering cough just won't go away.

There are still beautiful little moments in there. Like this quote I read recently:

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life and elevating them to an art. -William Morris

Those little everyday details. Like having an afternoon coffee with my husband or finding the kids' artwork all over the table (and sometimes on the table) or cradling the baby's head against my neck as I rock her to sleep. If I could pause those moments I would... and just take an extra minute to breathe it all in.

Like fuel for the soul.

It's good to see the beauty around us!


  1. i am loving that quote about happiness. Thanks for sharing.


  2. such sweet pictures :)


  3. What a beautiful blog and post. Thank you for sharing and I love the artwork. My three year old is really starting to put out some inventive pieces. What was funny though was my daughter was building a tower of blocks right next to me when she saw the picture of yours doing the same. She asked if she could play with her. Heart. Melt.

    Thank you again. I'm a follower now so I look forward to your updates.



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