five months old

Our littlest one is five months old today. Five wonderfully happy months that have gone by way too fast. There is something special about her.... something that she adds to our little family that we really had no idea we were missing before she came along. It really is quite a lot of fun.

Naomi and Henry just dote on her all the time. They love to take turns "babysitting" (playing with her while I wash dishes/cook/vacuum) and actually argue over which one of them is Violet's favorite babysitter. hmmm I think she likes them both! Akemi loves to bring the baby her pacifier or blanket or toys, but then she wants to try everything out herself too. There are times she wants me to hold her instead of the baby but she's so good with communicating she just says PUT BABY VIWET IN CRIB. NOT HOLD BABY VIWET, HOLD KEMI! there's no wondering what she's thinking!

So Violet, you're 16lbs of giggling, rolling, happy baby...  

we just can't wait to see what happens next!


  1. The cute is KILLING me!

  2. She is absolutely adorable. They grow so fast. I turned around and the baby I just had is 2.5 yo. Enjoy!


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