little blessings

It was a pretty average week here... housecleaning, helping kids with their math, snuggling with the little girls. we read about dinosaurs before our books had to go back to the library.

the kids pretended to be komodo dragons. 

we went to costco.

naomi drew pictures of mermaids.

The weeks go by so fast these days. I feel like they're growing up right before my eyes. There is a certain element of craziness with four little ones close in age... there's always something going on, noise being made, little feet running around, people jumping, laughing, playing. But I really love it!

It's the sound of happiness.

Even when someone is not so happy and maybe a little fussing is going on... there is always this voice in the back of my head saying what a blessing. It's almost there more in the tough moments, at 5 am when i'm up early with the baby, or when the kids are all wanting something at the exact same time. Being a parent is hard work. It can be tiring and stressful that's for sure, and some days you just want to pull your hair out because you're so tired. But I've felt what it's like to ache for this. For these little ones who call me mama. And for all the craziness that comes along with it. And I'm so happy I get a chance to live this life.

my heart is full!


  1. This photo is precious Jen!! Enjoy your babies, you deserve it!

  2. This is so so beautiful. And I couldn't agree more. xx - Monica

  3. What a touching story.

  4. Your picture captures a precious moment! Your words are touching and reminds us to cease each and every day!

  5. So so true! What a blessing! Have a great week!

  6. You are a beautiful person, hard working and thoughtful, raising a scrumptious family. Thank-you for inspiring me, I needed a little pick me up today. x

  7. OH I just agree so so much!! Having my babies has changed my life in a way I never thought possible. Love this post!


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