Happy Monday! The last week has been crazy. I've been exhausted and just generally feeling run down and thinking it might be nice to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. That old saying everything looks better in the morning? it doesn't apply when you're up all night with sick kids. Thankfully, I think everyone is on the mend and I'm hoping, praying, crossing fingers we'll all be sleeping well again soon.

In other news... Violet is rolling over and scooting all over the place these days. She wants to crawl and climb and eat our food oh so bad! It's awfully cute and the kids can't wait for her to be crawling. Henry wants to take her to "that baby place by the playground where they teach the babies to crawl" also known as: gymboree. And he saw a jungle themed exersaucer in the store he wanted to get for her... he's just obsessed with making her little life perfect (we've never been to gymboree or had an exersaucer so I explained to him that she's learning just fine on her own)!

These kids, they adore each other. I certainly hope they continue to be the best friends as they grow up.


  1. That omelette looks absolutely delicious! I love all of the colours in your collection of photos. Hope everyone feels better soon:)

  2. Ooooh...we've had the stomach bug here too. Andrew watched about 6 hrs of TV today while I tried to keep him contained and resting. I'm sure he's mush. It's so hard when they're sick. Andrew, my first baby, spent tons of time in the exersaucer and at Gymboree, but Caroline, my 13 month old, has had to learn by watching her big brother. Not being the first baby is SO DIFFERENT!

  3. Man... you have the best breakfasts ever! That omelette is lookin' gooood!

    Violet is adorable and you're so lucky they all get along. ;) Hope you guys get better... sickies be gone!!!!

  4. What colorful photos. Just gazing at those pics put a smile on my face. Glad to hear you're all on the mend. Have a spectacular weekend & thanks for linking up with me again!


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