a stormy day

When Kenji is gone, sometimes I drink coffee out of his mug because it makes me feel like he's not so far away. Silly, I know. But it makes me smile a little... especially on these long stormy days when the wind is howling and we're stuck inside. 

and trust me, when you are stuck inside with 4 little ones, you will need that cup of coffee... 

particularly when the electricity goes out and you realize how exactly do you entertain 4 kids when the power is out and it gets dark at 4pm?! and really, who likes these early sunsets anyways? For the record, I am not a big fan of it getting dark at 4pm. I'm pretty much a walking advertisement for seasonal anxiety disorder.

But then this month has been extra tough. We've been sick and my heart has been heavy... dealing with loss and change and things that I wish were easier. But I know, for some things there are no easy answers. 

so I just do my best to set a good example for these little ones, to cherish my time with them, to be thankful for even the mundane things we take for granted. in everything give thanks. good words for this week I think.

be joyful in hope
patient in affliction
faithful in prayer
ROMANS 12:12


  1. that's one of my favorite verses Jen! hope things are looking up soon.

  2. What an honest heartfelt post. It is the little things, like sipping from a loved one's mug that makes us feel just the teensiest better when they're away. I love that you quoted this scripture. Here's hoping you find all the consolation, hugs, and dreary day kiddy entertainment ideas you need this weekend. Thank you for linking up with me this week, Jen.


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