christmas feet

Let's just start this post off by saying we're wearing christmas socks over here!! I am so happy it's almost december. After a long month, I'm definitely in need of a little holiday cheer...

but first, we are off to run errands today: 

post office 

grocery shopping 

the little things that need to be done. 

maybe sneak in a lunch date or a walk to the park when we get home.

Violet is a very happy baby, but she kinda hates being in the carseat now that she wants to crawl all over the place. such is life!

her and Akemi make the most adorable little shopping buddies, they're so sweet. Akemi says viwet is like my sister mama! i wuuv baby viwet. heart melting!


  1. those legs...SOO cute!

    we too are more than ready for december and all that it brings, although we have definitely been dabbling in christmas theme things already. :]

    enjoy your day!

  2. oh my! So adorable


  3. So excited for Christmas. Can't wait to start putting my little girls in their Christmas outfits.

    new follower from Mommy Moments:

  4. Leg chub and knuckle dimples in 1 picture, perfect :)

  5. Chubby legs plus Christmas socks equals the cutest picture ever! Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments!


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