these days

We've been fighting off a cold over here which means a lot of snuggling and napping and drinking orange juice. And maybe a little Indiana Jones watching thrown in for good measure.

Despite all the sniffles, I really treasure this time I have at home with the kids. The little things we do. The little things I get to know about them... things only mama can remember. like how at the slightest glimpse of the sun shining through the clouds Akemi will yell look mama! it's beautiful sunny day! or how she calls her rice cereal puffies or how she thinks everyday is her birthday and says my friends! you remembered my birthday!

or how Henry loves spending hours reading the nature encyclopedia and how he's always right beside me in the kitchen saying he's little chef and I'm big chef. or how he eats a bowl of carrots every day. and starts almost every sentence with but then happened...

how Naomi prays so genuinely in thanks every night... for the earth, for the people and animals and all the wonderful things god has given us. she has a tender heart. and we love to watch classic star trek together.

how baby Violet will stop crying on the spot when I sing you are my sunshine. or how she laughs so deep when I kiss her tummy.

how the kids run and line up every night when I say vitamin time! and Henry says everyone else brushes his teeth too hard, only mama does it right. That's me. I get to be that person! That person who makes them happy and soothes their little souls... and knows exactly the right ratio of carrot to mango juice they like in their little cups. I am so thankful to be that person.

Do small things with great love. -mother teresa


  1. Hope you feel better soon, but nothing sounds better than little snuggles. Especially if they are that cute! That first picture is just precious!!
    xo TJ

  2. What a genuinely happy post, Jen. This is the kind of writing that makes my smile last longer than the time it took to read it. Thank you for sharing with me & the ladies at {MMM} this week.

  3. awww, what a sweet post! glad to have discovered your blog with this post first, haha! (though, i'm sure they are all good!) your kids sound adorable. beautiful photography, too! who took these photos? Also- I love the name Violet!

    xox, amber

  4. he is an absolute doll!
    i'm so happy i found your blog and thrilled to be your newest follower!

    happy tuesday to you!
    much love & many blessings.

  5. New GFC and Pinterest follower, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to have found your blog!

  6. Beautiful Jen. Love your little updates and love the koala hat, we had one (a real one!)in our yard the other day.x


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