these days

Posted on: 12/11/12

busy days around here lately. december always goes by so fast. especially since our two guys got sick for the millionth time this season... we've been downing fresh juice and vitamin c and hoping to be healthy the rest of the month! 

i was turning in our health rewards points for our insurance (you can earn gift cards for doing health/environment related things like paperless statements, vegetarian diet, swimming every week, etc). i was surprised to see that getting someone to care for your children and/or elderly parents was listed under stress reduction... ha ha ha great idea!  

no seriously. sign me up.

we were also working on a little project with the kids where they drew portraits and described each person in our family. i'm glad i was the one doing it with them because henry's description of his mama was she's a disaster. thank you henry. i had to ask him why he would say that (and did he realize he was talking to me at the time?!). he said it's because sometimes he wants to do fun things and i won't let him. clearly!

tomorrow is kenji's birthday! we have a little surprise planned for papa. 

need a good laugh? read these reviews

also, we still have a few teething bibs left in the shop!

and... my banana pear teething biscuits are featured over on disney baby right now!


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