violet at 7 months

I know I say this with every baby, but the time just goes by so unbelievably fast. One moment, they're tiny and cradled in your arms and the next they're flossing their own teeth and watching star wars. they grow up so fast. Just last week Violet stood up in her crib and said mama and I basically wanted to lay her back down and say not yet! stay little a bit longer for me!

But here we are at 7 months already and she is oh so eager to be climbing and walking and getting into everything, there is a whole lot of crawling going on around here these days! She is a very calm baby and is quite content just hanging out and watching her brother and sisters and I all day. I've never really had to think about entertaining her! So even as these days and weeks go by a bit too fast there are these sweet little moments I want to tuck away in my heart and always remember...

like when I'm rocking her and she nuzzles her head against my neck and I just stop and breathe in her sweet baby scent

or when she reaches up for my face with her warm little hands in the morning

how she scrunches up her nose when she's laughing

and squeals when naomi rolls the ball to her

how she isn't interested in baby food at all

and is happiest in the morning

and especially how she makes the most perfect little lunch date we've ever had.

we are so blessed to have her!

I love this little person. 


  1. Good grief she's gorgeous! I mean really.... Those eyes!

    I know how you feel. My baby is nearly 10 months and I'm not sure where the time has gone and why it insist on going at the speed of light. Sheesh!

  2. This post is so sweet! You have a beauty! You are taking me back to when my baby was that age. Thanks! BTW, I really love the look of your blog. You are very creative.

  3. Baby neck nuzzles are the best. I get a little sentimental every time I switch out my baby's clothing for the next size up. Just happened this week, and it always makes me think about how incredibly fast she's growing. Enjoy your cutie!

  4. Oh the memories Jen, little warm hands and nose scrunched!


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