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Today I want to tell you about a great little company that is making my life a bit easier these days. We have always been big on using natural products in our house, but once we had kids it became all that much more important to keep things simple. There is a lot of research out there about the dangers of being exposed to toxins and little ones are especially vulnerable, so I felt using natural products was a good way to start.

I've always used California Baby products for our kiddos but this year I tried out a few things from The Honest Company. and I must say, I'm a convert! Our little ones have eczema and the honest healing balm is seriously the best thing I have ever found for their skin. A few of my other favorites are the gentle hand sanitizer, the bubble bath, and the stain remover, which seriously is amazing! But what I love even more is that their products are all non-toxic, they don't contain harsh chemicals, aren't tested on animals, and they're big on sustainability. These things are important to us as a family, so I love supporting companies that also care about leaving a smaller footprint.

Click here to check out The Honest Co. for yourself. You can sign up to try out a free sample box of toiletries and household products or diapers, you just pay shipping! 

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  1. I'm enjoying hearing about the things you use, I might have to try them out! We've always used johnsons natural with our baby.


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