kid lunch

some recent kid lunches... or really it should be titled how i make the same food seem a little different each day because my kids can eat practically the same things over and over and over! they have their favorites so in general i stick to those foods and just mix it up a little with different fruits and veggies and fun sandwich shapes - the starfish friend is their fav! 

 peanut butter and honey on sprouted grain bread with candy eyes | baby carrots | apple and orange slices | mozzarella cheese

peanut butter and honey on white whole wheat bread | strawberries and red grapes

strawberry applesauce | orange slices | peanut butter and honey on sprouted grain bread with candy eyes

omelette | baked sweet potato wedges | applesauce | mini cornbread muffin

peanut butter and honey on sprouted grain bread with candy eyes | strawberries | red grapes | mozzarella cheese

orange slices | trader joe's cinnamon ABC cookies | almond butter and honey on sprouted grain bread | baby carrots


  1. The starfish sandwich is a huge hit in our house too (called twinkle surprise over here). I love how you add eyes to yours.

  2. I instanly love your blog for the plates you use for lunch! Im a new follower so cannot wait to get reading up about you and your family! Kayleigh x

  3. You make it look so appealing! We do some similar lunches but I just dump it all on the plate in a big heap lol. Love the photos, looking forward to reading more!

  4. I'd love to pull up a chair at your dinner table. The food looks great and is healthy too! Kudos to you for starting your kids off with great nutrition. I'm sure it'll stick with them for their entire lives. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us at the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week. P.S. Any fun way to get husbands to eat eggplant? :)

  5. These are some cute lunch ideas and a fun way to mix things up. Found you through the Mommy-Brain Mixer http://georgielee.blogspot.com

  6. Ahhhh this is sooo neat!! I am going to have to start doing this for my boys! Thanks for sharing & Thanks for linking up to the mommy brain mixer!


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