life lately (also known as a million pictures with my sister)

my sister's visit has ended and at this very moment she is back in germany moving into her new apartment and probably recovering from a bit of jet lag too. i think we started missing her as soon as she was on that plane! we had such a fun time with her here and the kids are already plotting a trip to berlin to see her. 

over the weekend, their faith formation class held an epiphany party which was a super fun way to wrap up christmastime. violet made lots of new friends and naomi even delivered the winning blow to the pinata this year!

we've been busy ushering in the new year with a few resolutions... one of which is to be more diligent about our schedule. with all the stuff we're juggling it's just so easy for something to fall by the wayside if we're not planning our time out wisely (like HELLO! date nights!).

this is the life planner i swear by! it helps me keep everything from our homeschooling and class schedule to meal planning in check.

we're also trying to really focus on clean eating this year (which is the perfect new year's resolution because i'm pretty sure i ate cookies for breakfast all last week). so less sugar, more fresh food!

check out these 10 ways to eat cleaner

and these 20 salad recipes look amazing. can't wait to try some!

also, if you need a laugh, watch this video!


  1. I just love these pictures. I know the feeling of eating cookies for breakfast (one of my bad habits). Stopping by from Misc. Monday

  2. those recipes look yummy!

  3. Those are some lovely photos. I am loving the leggings. Thanks for stopping by http://onecreativeprocrastinatinggal.blogspot.com/


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