these days

january is almost at an end and let me just say, i'm pretty much over this whole getting dark before 5pm thing. we read. we build forts. we watch movies (and thank you, netflix, for recommending that, based on my recent interests, i might enjoy the new pingu movie). 

we try to embrace the foggy gray days...

we snuggle longer

eat juicy fruits

bundle up and smell fresh flowers 

get out when the sun is peeking through

but still these mid-winter days can seem pretty dreary. and usually i just want to stay in bed cuddling with my babies all day long. that seems like the perfect way to spend winter, doesn't it? so cheers to this being the last week of january!


  1. We're so ready for spring!

  2. your photos of your babes are gorgeous! I'm ready for some warm sunshine!

  3. Great photos! Oh my goodness... I literally ate the entire jar of Cookie Butter. It's yummy!!! And Pingu is one of Lala's favorite shows... "mook-mook!!!" ;)


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