tutorial: little leggings

i've had this bag of old clothing sitting around for so long it's embarrassing. but some of the prints were just too cute to part with! i love re purposing things, so when i found this tutorial for 5 minute leggings over on the small fry blog i thought it was just so smart i had to give it a try.

(though i should mention they are not quite 5 minute leggings when you have four kids who are "helping"... more like 10 minute leggings). 

and because i used mostly pants and dresses, using the existing waistband like they did didn't quite work. instead i chose to use the existing hem for the ends of my leggings and make my own roll over waistband. they turned out so cute and were super easy! someone stop me... these kids are going to have tons of leggings!!

1. find old clothing to re purpose + a pair of leggings that currently fit your little one

2. lay clothing out with the ends of the legs lined up with the hemmed end of your old clothing. because i used old lounge pants for these, i cut the legs off and then cut the inner leg seam open to make 2 larger pieces of fabric and put them on top of each other.

3. cut around your leggings with 1/2" margin. leave plenty of fabric at the top for your fold over waistband.

4. sew both sides and the inner legs. i double stitched each seam just because my little ones can be rough on their clothes!

5. turn right side out and fold top over and over again to create a foldover waistband. sew a few stitches on the front, back, and sides to keep in place.

6. wear and be cute!

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  1. I love these! What a great idea!


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