violet: 8 months

Our sweet little Violet is 8 months old. Henry is already planning her first birthday (he says she would like to go to chucky cheese... um really?) and asking when i will have another baby (he recommended four more). He is so sweet and even wrote up a cake recipe that had all baby-safe ingredients so violet could eat it at her birthday. oh how that boy adores babies!

But on to violet...

She is such a little ray of sunshine. I mean really. she is happy almost all the time. She is mellow, and sweet and just so kissable. She reminds us a lot of baby Naomi because she is so very content. and you wouldn't believe it with her incredibly cute baby chubbiness, but she is just now starting to get interested in real food. Sweet potatoes, watch out!

But the best thing about her is quite simply how wonderful it is to have her in our lives. 

The past year has been a hard one for us, in many ways, and looking down at her sweet baby face in the morning... so soft and pure. Everything else just fades away. Everything else is secondary. 

You can just lose yourself in her sweetness.

And you know that the trials are worth it. The set backs, the challenges, the scarey moments during my pregnancy... all worth it.

To get to sit here now and see the joy and life in her little face; this is our reward. Thank you God!!

new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. - Eda J Le Shan
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