henry + akemi go to ikea

we were picking up some things for the business today and our errands took us right by ikea so of course we had to stop by and let the kids work off some energy. naomi was gone for the day so we just had the three youngest ones and let me say, we were both like wow three children is so much more manageable than four! we had coffee. and sat down. and then we remembered that when we had three kids and would go somewhere with just two of them, we thought the same thing. i'm sure anyone out there with five kids is thinking four kids? piece of cake! funny how that works!

it's really fun to see henry and akemi becoming such little buddies. as she gets older, they enjoy doing more and more of the same things and today they were such a team. they just had to try out every single living room display in the store...

 and have a little tea party:
and yell out things like echo! echo! and mama there so many liiiiiiiiiiiights!

 and pretend this was our kitchen:

 seriously, henry was trying to cook.

 and then they played in all the playrooms...

and read some books and tucked themselves into a bed:

(henry said akemi, this one has nocturnal creatures. let's pretend to be asleep here.)

and then of course i found this amazing flamingo pillow which made the entire trip worthwhile, because isn't it just too cute?

and that was our afternoon at ikea. now if you like flamingos, GO GET THIS PILLOW! 


  1. Those two are so cute! Even a simple trip to Ikea looks like so much fun with you!

  2. Your children are just adorable. Ikea is the place to truely use your imagination!

  3. It looks like they had such a great trip! You know, this is the 1st I've ever seen inside an Ikea store. I've heard wonderful things about Ikea (and their breakfasts!) but have never seen a store anywhere near my folks house in the US and certainly not here in Costa Rica either. After seeing set-ups, I'm even more excited to look it up next time I'm stateside!


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