these days

these days, life is keeping us busy...  

violet took her first step and started waving this week! whoa, i can't believe this little one will be walking soon.

she is working on her first few teeth and is not sleeping well. i have never been more tired in my life. i'm pretty much living off of iced tea right now!

akemi is in this super imaginative phase these days and loves playing little chef. and being "super kemi". and going on long adventures in boats made out of baskets. i just adore it. and she has the sweetest little ways of pronouncing the kids' names: NA-OW-MI, HERY, BABY BIWET. hearing her little voice running through the house calling HERY! HERY! ah it melts my heart.

we did pizza and a movie last night and watched the classic golden voyage of sinbad. i'd forgotten how fun that movie is! the kids love those nights and are always super fast at finishing their chores and homework when they know we're having a pizza party, so it's a win-win!

we have another busy (and fun) week coming on so i'm looking forward to some lounging around before the weekend is up!


  1. It looks like your days have been so full with love! As always, your photos are beautiful and our love for your family just oozes off the pages. Keep enjoying them!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful family! I love your photos--they just ooze with love and adorableness!

  3. Cute! Love those photos. You really capture life well. By the time I get my camera out, the moment's usually gone and I'm forced to try to re-pose the photo. So glad you shared these pretty photos with us at the mixer this week.

  4. What a beautiful blog you have!


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