a new pope

we've been anticipating the announcement of the new pope over here, so when i heard they were expecting to see white smoke from the papal conclave yesterday, we were pretty much glued to the coverage! this was the kids' first time ever seeing the election of a new pope and it was quite exciting watching everything happening at the vatican (even if we are half a world away). after we listened to him speak, the kids jumped up and insisted on making a poster to announce the great news. then, in honor of our first latin american pope, we celebrated with flans (we weren't the only ones, every market in our area was sold out of all dulce de leche desserts!) and  a simple bread and cheese dinner. 

i couldn't be happier about our new pope and i can't wait to see the wonderful things he will do. god bless pope francis!


  1. We were so excited here too! God the bless Pope Francis!!!

  2. I'm so happy I have found your beautiful blog space, I'm going to grab a cup of tea and have a look around at your beautiful photos. x



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