we've been enjoying the somewhat springy weather we've had over here lately... lots of rain and sun breaks! with the first day of spring this week, i had a few activities to do with the kids. we planted strawberries and poppies and some water cress seeds to watch how they would grow. it was a lot of fun until we forgot to water the water cress and in a day they pretty much shriveled up on our cold windowsill. but we did get to watch the seeds sprout over five days and it was a fun experience for the kids seeing them open and start to grow. our strawberry plants are sprouting up nicely too! we also made some posters about the parts of a plant and today we are painting still life flowers, which honestly, i might enjoy just as much as the kids!

i told akemi the "roses are red, violets are blue" poem and she said no violets aren't blue! they're just babies! what a cutie! i guess the violets she knows really are babies!


  1. what a fun thing to do with the kids. love the pictures. have a great weekend.

  2. Great photos! I loved planting seeds as a kid. In fact, I remember begging my parents for a McDonald's Happy Meal every now and then when they had seed packets and flower pots as the prizes with the meals. I'm sure your kids loved this!

  3. I was homeschooled k-12, and I cannot wait till my kids are old enough to start doing some really exciting stuff, like...planting seeds! Examining flowers with a magnifying glass! Painting a still life! So fun :).
    PS I nominated you for a Liebster!


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