these days

it's the 5th day of march and we were blessed with not one, but TWO sunny days this week! i pretty much knew things were looking up when i woke up and found the kids sprawled out like cats in the sun beams pouring through the window. i think it's safe to say we're all feeling optimistic about spring. and something about eating baja tacos just makes life feel much less wintery, don't you think?

other awesome things going on here lately:

△ violet is walking. like official 10 steps at a time, headed accross the room walking! 

△ she also ate her first ever pancake this week. and she loved it. and it had chocolate chips in it. because by the fourth baby, they've pretty much eaten everything under the sun before turning one.

△ we've been coming up with all sorts of new combinations for our green smoothies everyday. the kids actually get excited about drinking their veggies which is funny because naomi will hardly touch them otherwise! and henry is a little obsessed with micro nutrients and basically wants to drink smoothies all day.

△  it occurred to me today that i have a little less than two months until our baby is one. this sweet, sweet time where she's so little i can scoop her up in my arms and nuzzle her little tummy... it goes by too fast. i say that every time! but honestly, there is nothing sweeter.

do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of. - benjamin franklin


  1. this is so sweet. and I just love your pictures.

  2. Mmmm, chocolate-chip pancakes! Looks like she enjoyed them!!

  3. Your photos are just delightful :)

  4. I love your pictures and your family. Very sweet!

  5. adorable, beautiful pictures.

  6. I really love the posts that share glimpses of your daily life. You are truly an amazing photographer and it is clear that your little ones are blessed to have you leading the pack. I love the quote too - it is so poignant and something that I try and not lose sight of during my days with my two littles (although sometimes it is hard!). xx


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