these days

life has been zooming by lately. you know, those days where you start out tired and never quite catch up? the last few weeks have been like that. i can barely get one thing done before i turn around and the kids have emptied an entire roll of tape onto one of the chairs. or drawn a mural on the bedroom door. or taken a million pictures of their feet with my camera. it's been non-stop!

but, in the midst of that i did manage to celebrate my birthday. and the kids made my day extra special with lots of hand drawn art - henry is up there with his drawing of 'the animals who live along the nile river' bless his heart.

we've also been working on some big things around here and i'm so excited for the changes to come! but until then, some random happenings from our house...

△ akemi is obsessed with pushing the little carts when we go shopping, it's so cute. am i the only one who piles all the groceries for our family of 6 in a kid's cart?

△ violet has a couple more teeth coming in and is not sleeping well unless she's in someone's arms which makes for one tired mama. she is generally a great sleeper so i'll be happy once these teeth pop through!

△ for lent this year the kids decided to give up cartoons, they came up with that all on their own! we did pretty good for about 10 days, then had a crazy day where it was raining and i was exhausted and caved and we watched popeye all afternoon. which is actually the perfect use of cartoons in my opinion. we limit their screen time and don't watch actual tv, so no mom guilt here. it was really neat to see them challenging themselves to try living without something.

△ naomi is doing amazing in gymnastics and moving up to the next class soon. i'm so proud of her! gymnastics was one of my very favorite things as a child and i'm so glad she loves it too.

△ we're excited for some upcoming easter weekend crafts... i'm not too into dying eggs with our small kitchen space at the moment, but if i was, these and these are beautiful!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! It looks like you were surrounded with love. xx

  2. Hi there, I have nominated you for the Leibster award!! Check it out here http://alittlebitofcraft.blogspot.com/2013/04/leibster-award.html



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