at the museum

we've had crazy cabin fever over here with the kids being sick last week. basically, being stuck inside a small place with four sick kids (and one of them is a two year old who is constantly saying no and coloring on or smushing food into e v e r y t h i n g ) is pretty exhausting. i can only take so many days like that before i start to go a little stir crazy! once the girls were feeling better, i told kenji we needed to get out and do something fun. so we packed them up and went out for coffee and to the museum. it was violet's first time walking around in public and she was so happy to be on her feet! and the fresh air and inspiration were definitely good for the rest of us (well really, few things are better for my soul than coffee & art!). 

henry's still on the mend, but hopefully no one else is getting sick anytime soon!

akemi's favorite was the religious art, she just loves anything with mary in it!

△ violet was holding onto to papa's hands and all of the sudden she just took off! i guess that girl was excited to be at the museum!


  1. Hi! I just randomly came across your blog and loved it. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you & fam for no more sickness! :)

  2. Fantastic photos! Looks like a fun outing!

  3. This looks so fun! I kind of wanted to take my kiddos to the art museum on one of their free days, but I was afraid kids might not be welcome . . . but you did it, so I think I might!


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