our easter brunch

happy easter! [a day late]

as luck would have it, we had a really rough week and it ended with all four kids getting sick. at the same time. let me just say, there is very little sleep happening over here! so we missed easter sunday mass and just stayed in all weekend instead. I already had a little easter brunch planned (complete with egg hunt and pinatas!) so we went ahead and enjoyed that with the kids

henry likes to tell everyone "mom is the easter bunny!" because we don't really play up the easter bunny at all but they know they will get treats on easter sunday to celebrate the resurrection. they got crackers and paint brushes in their baskets this year and then we hid some chocolates in their eggs and pinatas. they just adore pinatas so when i saw this super cute tutorial for making little ones i had to give it a try! mine didn't come out quite as cute, but it was fun. and i have a feeling i'll be on pinata duty for future parties!

△ i printed out these adorable little placemats from the see jane blog, i love that they could color on them after brunch!

△ akemi was not feeling well at all and really just played with her food for a bit and then took a nap. poor girl!

△ our little pinatas! you can find out how to make them over on oh happy day

△ violet's very first pinata! she was into it for a minute but then she lost interest and started sucking on her toes! ha ha babies are so cute! all in all it was a fun way to celebrate easter, even if we were stuck at home with a bunch of sick little ones. here's hoping they'll be on the mend soon...


  1. I love everything. The baskets, the placemats, the food, little pinatas... looks like a really fun Easter.

  2. Everything is beautiful! What a sweet Easter celebration, despite the sickness! The homemade challah bread looks especially gorgeous--do you have a good recipe?


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