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kenji said to me last night you haven't posted on the blog since april 7th! so i asked him why are you checking our blog?! and he said he just likes to read it. which is kind of cute. so here is a long overdue random post in all it's glory...

right after my last blog entry where i wrote that hopefully we would not get sick again for a very long time, WE ALL GOT THE FLU. it was miserable. and i've never been more behind on laundry in my life. good riddance flu season!

thankfully everyone is well and we're back to enjoying this rainy, stormy month of april. our days have been busy with science fairs, nature walks, playing with friends, fresh fruit, lots of art, and who could forget father ryan's birthday party and homemade coconut milk ice cream sundaes... lots of fun things indeed! 

even though it may sound like we're quite busy, one of the things that i really strive for in my role as a parent is to not over schedule the kids. i've noticed, especially as they get older, how easy it would be for their days to fill up with one activity after the next. how quickly the idea of quiet time and free time can get pushed aside. i think that time is so good for them! to just get to be kids. to nurture their imaginations. 

so we really limit the amount of things we schedule into our weeks... a couple classes for the kids, a few activities, maybe a playdate, but also days where we have less going on. i want to save time to connect with my kids. not just to ask how was your day? but to really connect. to ask henry what's on his mind, what fun thing he is thinking of that's making him smile. to ask naomi what she's dreaming about lately. to see what akemi loved about this day. 

i want to keep connecting with them

i don't want to wake up tomorrow and think when did we stop talking every night before bed? or how do i not know my own kids anymore? i always want to be their safe place. someone they know they can talk to. i'm definitely a far from perfect parent, more often than not the house is messy and i forgot to brush someone's teeth, but if i sat with my kids and had a heart to heart about what they're passionate about that evening, the day feels like a success to me. 

(for henry, today, he had tears in his eyes talking about how much he loves leopard seals. how can that not melt my heart?)

sometimes doing "nothing" with your little ones is the greatest use of time!


  1. It's so special that you really make it a priority to connect with each of your kids each day. Sometimes life just flies by and if we're not careful, we really miss out on those opportunities, like with Henry and the seal (so cute!) As always, love your photos too. What type of camera do you use?

  2. There's so much opportunity to fill up the schedule til it's brimming over but I agree, time to just 'be' with one another is so invaluable!!

  3. awww what a cute flamingo cushion ! These pics are just too cute :)

  4. Thanks for always reminding me to be present with my family. I'm always inspired by your ability to do so...homeschooling with such a full house. Beautiful images too. xx

  5. AnonymousMay 05, 2013

    Totally agree with you. It's so easy to get caught up in trying to fit in a crazy timetable of activities
    When we were young we were pushed outside and told not to come back until dinner time (I'm slightly joking here)


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