violet's birthday

violet turned one year old on the 2nd (seriously, where did this year go??) so we had a little birthday brunch to celebrate over the weekend. she was such a sweetie all day and was chatting people up at her party. she can only say a few words but boy, is her baby voice cute! she was super excited about trying a cupcake for the very first time and every time we were anywhere near them she tried to grab one. then when she had her cake, she was most intent on squishing it! 

all in all it was a wonderful weekend and now i just have to get used to this whole not having a little baby in the house thing... thankfully, one year olds are awfully fun and i'm sure she'll keep me busy! what a wonderful blessing she has been in our lives.   violet, you have amazing things ahead of you!


  1. THese pictures are gorgeous, happy birthday to your girl!

  2. She looks so adorable and hope is had a best birthday.

  3. What a cute party! She is precious! I love the violet color everywhere!

  4. She looks cute… hope she had a great time as it seems to be well organized..


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