a birthday party

we had a little party for naomi and akemi over the weekend. the weather was perfect for an outdoor lunch and of course, we had to have lots of pink for our june birthday girls! i was so excited to make a pink ombre cake for them because it just seems so girly and fun... and i'm a sucker for adorable cakes. the ombre cake turned out great and naomi's friend jasmine brought her a sweet potato cake which was super yummy too.

we've been busy working in the yard, putting in new grass and garden beds, so everything was a bit overturned and i didn't realize until after the party that we took our cake pictures in front of a pile of dirt! ha! naomi and i even made some fun streamers which we hung up inside for a little surprise for them in the morning, but then i forgot to hang them up outside for the party, what a bummer! honestly, with violet not sleeping well from teething and having so much going on during the day, i feel like i am so forgetful lately. some days it's hard to stay on top of things!

but on to that cake...

i used this recipe for fluffy white cake and it is sooo good. i doubled the recipe to make four 8" cakes and each batch took exactly 20 minutes to bake in my small convection oven. i had some natural food dye leftover from whole foods so i used that to color the layers, but if i make this again i will try fruit and veggie purees. raspberry puree is so good in cakes and just a little will tint it pink (puree raspberries, then strain). beet juice is great for getting a darker fuchsia color too. i left the top layer plain, and then gradually made them darker pink, adding one or two drops of blue to the last layer so it wouldn't be too red.

for the frosting, i used this amazing buttercream recipe. and then made an apricot buttercream filling by spreading each layer with a thin spread of apricot preserves and a thin layer of buttercream frosting, which is perfect for a summer cake. we topped the cake with miniature roses. it was definitely a hit with the girls!

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  1. Oh my, you have to be joking with that cake! It's just beautiful- nice work.

    xox Lilly


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