akemi is 3!

akemi's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated with an evening at the park, feeding ducks, and heading out for ice cream. let me just say, pineapple sorbet is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. i can't believe our little girl is already three, it feels like just yesterday she was the baby in my arms and now here she is a big sister already! she is such a little ray of sunshine in our family and it's so fun seeing her grow. she talks so much and i just want to bottle up her cute phrases and remember them forever (note to self: take more home videos!). the way she calls spaghetti "pasgetti" and how she introduces violet as "this is our baby!" or how she bounds into the room about as excited as one can be and says "mama let's go to the play park!" she is just so much fun to have around. 

i love how she has to be my "little chef" and help cook dinner every night.

how she jumps in the mud and plays with bugs with henry

then dances and sings with her sisters

how she adores the planetarium

fresh strawberries

her panda teddy

and batman.

she's a strong, sweet soul and i hope she stays this way for a long, long time to come.

happy birthday akemi!


  1. Happy Birthday to Akemi! She is so cute! Love the pictures :)


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