san juan islands

we headed up to the san juan islands last weekend to celebrate our oldest girl's 7th birthday. we rode ferries, looked for whales, ate ice ice cream by the harbor. it was the perfect way to spend her special day! she loves being out there, the wind in her hair, exploring new places. she has an adventurous spirit for sure! it's hard to believe it's already been 7 years since we were brand new parents with our little girl. i tried to so hard to always know the right thing to do, but really, most of being a parent is learning along the way. so i always tell naomi "we're in this together!"  every year is a new experience for her, but also for us as her parents, since we've never done this before!

it's such a joy to watch her grow up and get to know her more and more every day. naomi, you are beautiful and delightful just like the meaning of your name! thanks for all the wonderful adventures!


  1. such beautiful pictures, and even more beautiful words.
    what a lucky little lady, to have given and received such a sweet love.
    hugs to you all!
    happy birthday to her!

  2. what a special day!!


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