these days

△ a certain little girl got a hold of mama's phone and snapped 100 picture's of herself and her cute little teeth!

we've been quite busy ushering in summer over here with lots of outdoor time. even if it is overcast and rainy so many days, it's warm and we love it! we celebrated kenji last week with a little papa's day cake that the kids helped me make and let me just say, baking with four little ones under foot can be a challenge. they all want to help and measure so i give them each an ingredient or two to add and they take turns. it might just be a small miracle it turned out well!

△ akemi is saying the funniest things lately. henry bit his tongue the other day and she said "don't worry hery, when i was your age i bit my tongue too" the kids just looked at and then laughed realizing how impossible her statement was! also, someone asked her how old she was and she replied "52" i almost spit out my water!

△ violet's favorite book these days is brown bear, brown bear. we have to read it multiple times everyday!

△ henry lost his first 2 teeth this past month and already has another one loose! naomi delights in telling everyone the story of how his tooth fell out while they were playing and he lost it in the shag rug. you can guess how i spent that afternoon... and yes, we did find it.

△ speaking of teeth, violet has two more top teeth coming in and this past week has been pretty brutal... she's such a happy, sweet baby except when she's teething and then it seems nothing makes her feel good except for being in mama's arms (and occasionally playing with gravel or mud). isn't teething just the worst?! here's hoping for more sleep this week!

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