dragon festival

we ventured into chinatown over the weekend to see the dragon festival with the kids. i wasn't expecting it to be super hot, so i didn't even bring hats for anyone (momfail). it was soooo sunny! we watched the dragon and lion dances and before seeking out some shade and cool drinks. then wandered around the market for a bit and enjoyed some yummy food. and really, isn't the food one of the best parts of these things?! the kids had so much fun they're already planning to put on their own dragon dance for us!

△ violet couldn't wait to try naomi's watermelon bubble tea!

△ kenji hadn't had takoyaki since our last trip to japan, so he was very happy to indulge!

△ the kids got a japanese crepe filled with cream, almonds, and chocolate. they had a hard time sharing with each other!

△ akemi loved this girl with pink hair, and she thought akemi was super cute and wanted a picture with her too!

△ henry really just went for his favorite food: red bean filled sesame balls. he LOVES those things.

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  1. This looks amazing! What a cool, culturally rich experience for your sweet family. :)


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