from garden to table

we've been growing our own little garden this year and it's been quite fun to watch our plants take off. the kids have been involved in everything from cultivating to watering to harvesting the fruit and vegetables - their favorite part! 

we don't have a lot of space and i don't really have a green thumb at all, so we opted to put everything in pots this year. we do have a blackberry bush next to our container garden and we also revived a flower bed in the yard and turned it into a bee sanctuary with lots of native wildflowers (more on that in another post!). the kids have been so excited about having their own little ecosystem going! we usually go out in the evening and pick anything that is ripe to use in our dinner or for breakfast the next day. we've been enjoying lots of salads and making frittatas with all the spicy peppers and onions we have. and let me tell you, i cannot wait for the zucchinis! 

gardening can be such a rewarding experience for little ones... even if we hardly grow enough for a handful of meals, just to get to care for the seeds they planted and watch them grow, i think it's wonderful! 

△ our garden watch cat

△ last night's harvest: kale and peppers for our salad, mint for our iced tea, blackberries for little ones

△ i could eat salad every night all summer

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