these days

we've had some pretty long nights over here with a teething baby this week... you know the mornings where you're so tired you forget to put your mug on the espresso machine and end up brewing your coffee all over the counter and running onto the floor? yes. i did that. 

but i had the absolute sweetest conversation with henry in the kitchen the other night that totally made me forget the lack of sleep and remember that being a mom is just about the best thing ever. do you have those moments? in the midst of a rough day, something that just reminds you that life is so sweet? 

they're the best. 

henry was talking to me while i was washing dishes and we agreed we would read one of his animal books when i was done. then he was just standing there, leaning against the doorway, watching me as i washed and rinsed the glasses and he said "wow that looks like a lot of work". and i realized, i'm not sure anyone has every really paid attention to me washing the dishes before. so i told him "yes, it is a lot of work, especially since i have to do it everyday" and he asked me how long it takes. i told him about half an hour. and he just stood there watching me.

after a few minutes he said "how long would it take if you had a dishwasher?" and i said "i don't know... maybe about 10 minutes. all we'd have to do is rinse them and put them in!" and he said "we have to get a dishwasher mama"

and i smiled and told him i would love to have a dishwasher someday.

this boy is so sweet! he just melts me.


  1. Oh what a sweet conversation. I love when kids surprise you with their deep thoughts. And you are a saint for not having a dishwasher with a family of six! Thanks for joining us for the Mommy-Brain mixer.

  2. How sweet that Henry will be making sure you save yourself from dish pan hands when he's a wee bit bigger. Kids are so thoughtful sometimes, aren't they! Love your new design and those photos. You always do such a great job giving us a window into your family's life with photography. Thanks for joining us this week at the mixer, Jen.


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