sick days

this has pretty much been the scene at our house lately... a whole week of sick kids and long nights and copious amounts of coffee. a sick baby is bad enough, but all the kids at once? it's too much!  i've basically been running around dosing out tylenol and water and crackers and washing blankets and turning on movies. (thank goodness for starbucks and baby einstein to provide me with a little bit of sanity).

the older kids are feeling a bit better now, but it's been a few too many nights up with a feverish baby so we're off to the doctor today. hoping we're over this soon!


  1. As I was looking through the photos I was thinking, "how comfy" but then I read that the kiddos were sick :( Hope they feel better soon! I love your house. I noticed some Ugly Dollz in the toy basket... I am glad someone else has them besides me! I am due in 12 weeks and I added some to the baby's corner (we are sharing a room with her) & some people just looked at me funny when they saw them!

  2. I hope they feel better! They look cute though!


  3. hope everybody is doing well again!
    by the way I´m always stunned by the pictures you take of your sweet fam and how you see them! Gute Besserung!
    many greetings, noni!


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