these days

some random scenes from life these days... fresh berries and playing with friends and bouncy slides! i think the kids would like it to be summer all year long. i'll be honest and say this month has been pretty brutal (and how is august almost over?! nooooo). the kids all came down with a little cold and for poor violet it turned into croup. i count us as fortunate that none of our babies have ever had it before, it's the worst! she had such a hard time breathing, we ended up having to take her in for steroid treatments twice. it was miserable. we've hardly slept and have spent many nights in a steamy bathroom at 2am. 

she is finally feeling better and it's so nice to see her back to her old self and smiling and laughing. the kids are so happy to have their violet back!

also, i feel like i haven't slept in a year.

but we have a lot of fun things planned for these last few weeks of summer and i'm crossing my fingers everyone stays healthy for at least a couple months :)

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