a stormy day

i usually do our meal planing ahead of time, but let's face it, there are always those nights where we're running behind and making dinner is just one more thing i have to do. i remember one of my mom's go-to meals for those nights was stroganoff made with egg noodles and campbell's cream of mushroom soup (kind of like this one), it was my absolute favorite dinner for years! when i moved out, one of my friends asked me what my comfort food was, so i told her it was cream of mushroom stroganoff and showed her how to make it too. funny how you remember those things! but i loved that my mom knew what we liked and made it for us.

campbell's soup has a new campaign called the wisest kid... it's all about how kids know what they like to eat, they know what makes them happy, and sometimes, they have some pretty hilarious wisdom to share if you're listening!

henry had his own wisdom to share last week when we visited the zoo! the day we had planned on going was looking worse and worse on the weather forecast. thunder, lightning, rain. but i just knew how disappointed the kids would be if we cancelled, so i grabbed the rain gear and we headed out anyway.

as luck would have it, the storm cleared up for a bit and the kids got to see all the arctic animals they wanted (while i lugged all the rain gear, of course!). they were inches away from the polar bear, which was amazing! and made braving the cold weather totally worth it. henry's wisdom was we all "need to have more blubber and insulation like the arctic animals so we won't get cold" and naomi proclaimed "i never get cold! i'm a norwegian!" 

she is very wise indeed!

when we got home it was pouring down rain and we were all pretty wet, so akemi and i heated up some campbell's tomato soup and grilled up sandwiches for dinner. she calls herself my little chef and is such a great helper! 

i loved this idea on the wisest kid page about cutting the grilled cheese sandwiches into fun shapes. my kids like to dip, so i cut theirs into strips. grilled sandwiches plus a hot bowl of soup? perfect after being out in the cold!

to find more great campbell's recipes check out the campbell's kitchen website. the wisest kid in the world may have the perfect dinner idea for tonight!


  1. This looks so fun Jen. Akemi is a darling helper!

  2. Catherine H.October 01, 2013

    We will have to try this for our sandwiches, my children love dipping their food too.


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